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Wichita Tree Service – Why You Should Choose Abe’s Tree Service

Why You Should Choose Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service Everytime, Job after Job, Everytime

It is with some reluctance that we report to you the findings of the Better Business Bureau about our line of work: “the tree-service industry was the sixth most-complained-about industry last year.” Folks, that drops tree service right down there with used-car sales and journalism. Frankly, we’re embarrassed for our competitors, and we’d like to immediately separate ourselves from the crowd up in the trees around Wichita town.

Finding a Wichita Tree Service.

  1. Make sure any Wichita tree service you are considering has appropriate liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. Workers comp is key. Critical. Absolutely necessary and so rarely available from the tree-service companies calling on the phone, hanging those nasty little cardboard dingies on your door. Without workers comp in place, any accident on your property finds you liable. Liable for repairs to your property and, more importantly, for any injuries that occurred as a result of the accident.
  2. B for Better Business Bureau. Only a few tree services receive BBB accreditation, and no other tree service in Wichita comes close to matching Abe’s A+ rating.
  3. Check our reputation. Check with neighbors and friends and, by all means, ask us for references. We have them by the treeful.
  4. Consider the estimated, bid, or proposed price very carefully. And, of course, look out for prices much too good to be true. Lowball bids almost always mean one of three possibilities: no experience whatsoever in lawn or tree service in Wichita; no insurance, licensing, or certifications, or; an intention to complete only part of the work you’re anticipating.
  5. Never do business with door-to-door contractors, particularly on such large projects as tree removal in Wichita. Make no snap judgments, most especially with some hungry-looking guy on your front porch.
  6. Be especially wary after a storm has damaged bunches of trees in town. Con artists follow bad weather like a second plague. If you have a tree that simply must be removed – one lying on your house, having knocked out the electrical main leading in, for example – use as much caution and judgment and discretion as you can, even though in this instance you may be forced to deal with a non-local tree service.
  7. Pay only when satisfied. No reputable company – certainly never, ever Abe’s – asks for money up front. Hold on to your money until the tree service has been completely, fully, finally finished to your complete satisfaction.

There you have them, seven considerations that will lead you to the best Wichita tree service, Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service every job, every time. Call 316-722-2348; a good person will answer.

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