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Trees add beauty and character to any property, business or residence – but only if properly maintained. Their health must be ensured ensured by thoughtful, professional care.

After Abe’s has left your property you’ll feel confident in our guarantees of performance and choose Abe’s as your local tree service. We offer tree services in Wichita and surrounding Kansas communities.

Why choose us for your Tree Service?

We are expert licensed tree experts who offer affordable tree service pricing, free quotes and have an outstanding reputation with local and Yelp reviews.

Tree Removal Bucket Lift

Tree Removal

The removal of a mature tree can be difficult, requiring specialized knowledge and a careful plan of attack.

It’s time to consider removing a tree if any of these problems arise: A dead tree. A tree growing too close to your home. A tree leaning toward your house or other property. A diseased tree. A nuisance tree.

Abe’s expertise and equipment necessary offer safe and complete removal of problem trees.

Green Leaf Trees

Pruning & Shaping

The proper pruning of a large tree involves both art and science. Improperly done, pruning can damage the tree depriving it of nutrients.

We’ll address the canopies of your trees, removing branches to create better clearance for mowing. The process is called “canopy lifting,” and with Abe’s we’ll force more growth in the upper branches.

At Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service we prune with the long-term health of the tree in mind while working to decrease the likelihood of storm damage to the tree itself and to adjacent structures as well.

stump ginder

Stump Grinding

After removing a tree, the stump remains. More than being ugly, a stump can cause some serious problems for the landscape.

Root systems under the stump can continue to spread, potentially cracking paved surfaces nearby. Disease can linger in the stump and spread to surrounding trees. Stumps also house pests, posing danger to your property.

Unfortunately, stump grinding is difficult, even dangerous work. You should think twice before attempting removal on your own. Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service has never backed down from a stump, no matter its size. We can eliminate any stump and remove all the chips, leaving no indication that a tree was ever there.

Tree Trimming Donny Climbing 2020

Dead Wooding

Diseased or damaged branches are an inevitable fact of a tree’s life. As your trees age, the removal of deadwood will help maintain their overall health and beauty.

As Abe’s crews go about deadwooding your trees, you'll notice new growth, resistance to insects and disease, and a renewed beauty.

Failing to remove deadwood will cause your tree to send nutrients to limbs and branches which can never use them.

Call us. We’ll eliminate every branch that doesn’t belong.