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If A Tree Falls In The Forest, Are You Insured?

If A Tree Falls In The Forest, Are You Insured?

Tree InsuranceTrees grow. Trees age (slowly). Trees fall over. Do you have tree insurance?

So comes the question: as a home or business owner what happens when a tree falls on your property Or on a neighbor’s home or place of business? Or on public property?

When a Tree Falls

Back to your property for a moment, what happens if the tree falls on a fence? The driveway? On a vehicle, yours or a visitor’s or a neighbor’s?

Ever wondered what happens when a tree falls on your property? How about when one of your trees falls on a neighbor’s home—or on a nearby piece of public property? Who should you call for tree removal?

Why You Need Tree Insurance

Good news: in most — we say “most”, not “all” – situations, your homeowners insurance will cover the damage caused by the tree fallen episodes above.  Most policies contain a provision protecting your home and its environs from “falling objects,” a classification most certainly inclusive of a tree. The damages resulting from trees falling from neighboring property are usually covered as well, as long as you have sufficient coverage. Careful reading of the policy and a specific conversation with your insurance agent apply here.

This tree insurance consultation should also address the potential causes of a falling tree, a set of facts your insurance adjuster will want to know in detail should you file a claim. Did a storm bring the tree down? Wind or lightning or ice? Yep, you should be covered. Earthquake? Not so much, probably not at all. How about negligence, your negligence in maintaining the tree property, your looking the other way from a dead or rotting tree? Expect some problems with your tree insurance claim.
Save yourself major headaches down the road. Remove exceptionally old, dying, and dead trees from your property immediately. The most reliable Wichita Tree Service remains always, always the number to call. Call Abe’s Lawn and Tree at 316-722-2348.

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