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You have much to fear from broken limbs. You have no idea of the mayhem that will most certainly fall on you if a worker for a jive tree-service company should fall from that big oak in your front yard. You simply cannot imagine the severity of the financial damage you could face at the uninsured hands of fly-by-night tree trimmers.

FACT: Most Wichita tree service companies DO NOT carry Liability Insurance or Worker's Comp

Here’s the deal.

You may think of insurance as monetary protection from a big limb falling through your roof. While these clean-up and rebuild expenses can be hefty, they pale in comparison to the liability from injury to the worker of a no-insurance tree contractor.

Are You Ready For Some Hospital Bills?

An injured worker from a tree service company with no insurance – those medical expenses (clinical, hospital, rehab) will be yours to pay. Oh, and think of the personal-injury lawyers just waiting to fabricate a case of emotional trauma and pain and suffering to be compensated, all from a worker’s misstep, his own mistake in your tree.

Demand A Certificate Of Insurance, Liability and Workers’ Comp.

Do not settle for some piece of paper pulled from a pickup. The certificate should bear the name of the issuing agency and that agency’s carrier. The coverage must absolutely include workers’ compensation.

Come to Abe’s Service. We’ll show you, right up front, why you’re safe, why you’re protected, why you’re family’ with Abe’s Tree Service.