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Your Grass

Your Grass


Pre-Season Planning

David Letterman will tell you that the following no-no’s constitute The Top Ten Causes of Lawn Problems.

  • Improper watering
  • Too much or too little fertilizer
  • Mowing too low
  • Weeds
  • Misapplication of chemicals
  • Soil compaction
  • Excessive shade
  • Improper selection of grass type
  • Poor drainage
  • Pests, insects, pathogens

Now is the time to call us for analysis of your lawn’s health – or lack thereof. After a good look around and a quick conversation, Abe’s can offer you a detailed plan of care that will enable you to enjoy a lush, verdant, happy lawn in the warm months just ahead. Call us at 316-722-2348 for a personal consultation.


Us Versus The Other Guys

As you make your decisions this spring about care of your landscape, we ask that you look very closely at the companies under consideration for this most important undertaking. Look deep, please.  Look for professional certifications, for business credentials, for customer reviews and, very importantly now, for insurance coverages.

We think you’re going to find that most companies hold only liability insurance, the barest of minimum coverages.  Abe’s carries significant personal and professional liability protection for us and for you. And what’s more, we maintain worker’s compensation insurance as well, thereby eliminating any concern on your part should a mishap resulting in injury to an Abe’s employee occur during our work on your behalf.

Think Abe’s. Think Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service. Think safety. Think professionalism at every turn. Think peace of mind.

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