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Lawn Maintenance Is Something We Know Backwards & Forwards.

In the week-to-week maintenance of exceptional grass, no contractor can be better than his equipment. And so Abe’s runs Excel Hustler mowers exclusively. Hustler invented the zero-turn-radius mower, and this family-owned manufacturer in Hesston, Kansas continues to produce the most reliable, most efficient mowers on the market today. So you can be sure that we’ll show up to mow at exactly the expected time.


Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service will mow your property to your satisfaction. While most of our customers rely on Abe’s for regularly scheduled mowing, we can come less often to bring your grass into professionally mowed shape.

You may expect that, on each visit, our crew will:

  • Mow to a specified length, determined by your lawn’s needs;
  • Collect all grass and leave clippings;
  • Remove debris with power-blowing from your hardscapes.


Nothing contributes more to the finished beauty of your lawn than a clean, crisp edge to the grass. Your neighbors will marvel at the professional look edging will give your property. Guaranteed.

Every time you have Abe’s edge your property, you should expect:

  • A precise, street-visible demarcation of your lawn’s perimeter, and
  • A sharp edge separating grass from flower beds and driveways.


Every one of Abe’s lawn care professionals is trained to enhance the details of your lawn’s appearance. We will:

  • Trim grass away from all other elements of the landscape
  • Clean beds of weeds and other wayward plants.


We recommend mulching of your shrubs and flower beds. We’ll ensure:

  • Retention of soil moisture
  • Reduced need for watering
  • Protection of the landscape from accidental intrusion of mowers and weed-eaters
  • Preservation of soil structure after heavy rains.

Seeding & Sodding

Never an obvious choice, the decision to seed or sod comes only after a careful, professional examination of your landscape. Count on Abe’s for the best answer, long-term, for your turf needs.

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